Get a Classic, Decorative and Collectible Specialty German Beer Mug, Buying an Artistic Stoneware Character Stein. At my Novelty Drinkware Store, I offer Authentic Hand Painted, German Made, Fine Porcelain Beer Drinking Character Steins, featuring a variety of Fun and Funny Classic Characters, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Throughout history artists typically depict what they see in their paintings, sculptures, figurines and other art. The same thing is true of artistic German beer stein makers. Decorative stoneware and pewter beer steins may have been originally created to prevent the spread of disease and keep contaminants out of beer. However, due to the cost of the materials used such as pewter and stoneware as well as the time and skill it took to make porcelain beer steins, made these specialty lidded mugs expensive and worth adorning with artistic accents and decorative hand painted reliefs. Some of the very first porcelain beer steins featured fun and funny characters such as town’s people, police officers, butchers, musicians and other people early stein manufactures saw in their day to day life. Classic German character steins are some of the oldest, most collectible and fun styles beer steins for sale today. Decorative character beer steins for sale today are typically made from stoneware porcelain and feature hand painted reliefs that make the figurines pop right off the collectible beer drinking cup.

Originally all character and other beer steins were made from stoneware, because earthenware clay was the only materials other than animal and wood that we knew how to use. However, even after glass and other modern materials started becoming accessible, many classic German beer stein makers continued using stoneware for their decorative character steins, because artistic molds could be used to fairly easily produce elaborately carved porcelain figurines and decorative reliefs. Fine porcelain and stoneware mugs also hold colors beautifully, allowing the painted characters to be more colorful and fun. German character beer drinking steins are fun, collectible, artistic, and decorative. They make great gifts for specialty / novelty cup collectors and German beer enthusiasts. Because funny stoneware and classic porcelain character steins are some of the first decorative beer drinking steins ever made, they are extremely collectible and make wonderful starts or additions to any novelty German beer stein collection. The best hand painted German made beer drinking character steins also look great on their own in man caves, on office desks and almost anywhere else.

Besides being fun, decorative and collectible, the best German character steins for sale are also great for drinking beer. Fine stoneware porcelain is durable material that will keep your favorite beers nice and cold. Like other large specialty beer drinking mugs, a character stein’s handle prevents your hand from warming your beer or cup. Decorative hand painted German character beer steins, are also large enough to leave room for the heads of beers. They are also typically only used for drinking beer, so there is not any chemical contaminates from past beverages that may taint the flavor of your favorite beers. The best most decorative and artistic hand painted character beer steins will make any beer drinking occasion more fun and memorable. Whether looking to start or add to a collection, add a decorative piece of artistic decor, make drinking beer with friends and family more enjoyable, find a great gift or a combination of the above, a classic hand painted, German made fine stoneware porcelain character stein is a great choice.

At my specialty drinkware store, I offer a great selection of authentic German made character steins, featuring real pewter lids, artistic hand painted reliefs and fun decorative classic characters. All of the collectible beer drinking character steins for sale in my online store are manufactured in Germany, with German materials, by world famous German beer stein manufactures. These classic fine stoneware porcelain character steins are as authentic as it gets. I also provide high resolutions photos and detailed product description to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best hand painted German character stein for you. Being an online based novelty drinkware store that works directly with German beer stein manufactures saves me money and keeps my overhead low. This low overhead is passed directly to you in the form of savings, allowing me to offer authentic German made character beer steins and other collectible specialty mugs and decorative cups, at the best possible online sales prices. If you have any questions about my artistic and decorative hand painted character beer drinking steins please let me know and I will be happy to help. 
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