Get Vintage Beer Stein, made from Earthenware Clay Materials like the Original Bavarian and West German Steins, buying a Collectible Stoneware or Ceramic Porcelain Beer Stein. I offer Authentic, German made Fine Ceramic Porcelain and Large Stoneware Beer Steins with Pewter Lids, Decorative Hand Painted Reliefs, Panoramic Wraps & other Artistic Accents

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  Beer steins are one of the oldest and most recognizable beer drinking mugs in the world. This along with their decorative paintings, vintage West German and Bavarian accents, unique pewter lids and amazing history are just a few of things that makes beer steins so collectible. The original beer steins were first made around 1525, in parts of what is now Western Germany and Bavaria. What makes a beer stein a stein, and not just a big stoneware or fine ceramic porcelain mug, is the hinged lid. (Traditionally and most commonly made from pewter) The hinged pewter lids were added to the first West German and old Bavarian steins in accordance with Germanic laws, set to protect consumers from drinking contaminated beer and other beverages. Early beer steins were all earthenware, ceramic porcelain and stoneware clay. These stoneware and fine ceramic porcelain beer steins, while made for a utilitarian purpose, where also not cheap to make. The cost of the pewter, earthenware materials and labor it took to turn clay into fine porcelain and stoneware beer steins with functioning hinged lids was all very expensive. The amount labor, time and the quality of the pewter and ceramics used to make these vintage stoneware and porcelain beer steins, made them worth adorning with decorative accents and artistic hand paintings. It is the hand painted reliefs, elaborate handles, embossed pewter lids and other decorative accents no their purpose, that made beer steins so collectible then, and why they continue to be today.

  Originally German beer steins were all ceramic porcelain and stoneware clay with pewter lids, because earthenware materials, (besides material that came from wood and animals) was really all they knew how make mugs and cups from. "Stein" is actually believed to an abbreviation of “Steingut”, the German word for "stoneware"The word "stein" could have also originated from the German word, “Steinzeugkrug”, meaning stoneware jug or tankard. However, as time went on German beer steins, along with other mugs and cups, started getting made from a variety of new materials. Even so, many German and Bavarian stein makers continued using earthenware clay and pewter. Some of the primary advantages of stoneware and fine porcelain were molds could be used, to fairly easily produce elaborately carved steins and decorative reliefs. Ceramics, and stoneware clay also holds decorative hand painted colors and other art beautifully. It is also strong and durable material, that lasts (old earthenware clay cups, vintage stoneware mugs and fine ceramic porcelain German and Bavarian beer steins still in existence from the 1500’sand before are evidence of that) and is a good conductor of heat. Stoneware and fine ceramic porcelain Beer steins and other earthenware mugs and cups can be heated or cooled safely and relatively easily without becoming brittle or melting. This makes them very versatile and also helps keep beer colder, longer.

  Today vintage Bavarian style, German made stoneware and fine ceramic beer steins with pewter lids, continue to remain as popular and collectible as ever. If you are real collector or lover of German beer it is important that you own an authentic, decorative, hand painted earthenware and pewter beer stein. Fine ceramic porcelain and stoneware clay where the first steins ever made, they are the original. No collection can be truly started or finished without one. They look amazing on and in mantles, shelves, desks, man caves, game rooms, bars and almost anywhere else. German stoneware clay and ceramic beer steins with pewter lids are truly works of art that look great by themselves or as part of collection. They can also be used for fun festive beer drinking occasions. Authentic German stoneware clay and ceramic porcelain beer steins with embossed pewter lids, decorative hand painted reliefs, elaborate molding and other vintage Bavarian accents, are sure to make any party or get together more memorable! They also make great gift ideas for the German beer lover or stein collector in your life.

  At my specialty cups and authentic German drinkware store, I offer a great selection of the decorative stoneware clay and fine ceramic porcelain beer steins. The ceramic and stoneware German beer steins I offer are made in Germany, feature real pewter lids, hand painted reliefs, amazing panoramic wraps and other vintage Bavarian accents. If you want the very best, most decorative and collectible authentic German earthenware steins, at the best possible price, you are at the right place. Being an online based specialty drinkware store that works directly with German and European companies that manufacture these decorative and collectible stoneware clay and fine ceramic porcelain beer steins, I am often able to offer most competitive prices possible. Allowing you to buy an authentic German made porcelain or stoneware stein with a decorative pewter lid, hand painted relief or other vintage Bavarian artistic accents at an affordable online sales price. If you have any questions about any of the German made earthenware, stoneware clay or porcelain beer steins I have for sale, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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