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German Beer Stein "Wine Witch"
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•This beautiful stoneware beer stein was handcrafted in Germany by King-Werk. •This 1/2 liter stein is about 10 inches tall. •In the German Rhine town of Oberwesel, there are only good witches. Here they are called weinhexes - wine witches - and they are secretly selected by local winegrowers in a vintner version of a small town beauty pageant. •Every year, the Oberwesel Wine Witch Festival celebrates the reign of the weinhex whose job it is to protect the vineyards of this two thousand-year-old town. It is a river valley rite devoted to the great white grape of Germany. •Wine growers count on the good witch to protect their vineyards from natural curses like fiendish weather and predatory vineyard demons. The selected wine witch also serves more practical duties, which includes showing up at fifty to sixty public events a year to hype the grape. •This stein features the wine witch. •The stein includes the phrase Sind die besten zeitvertreiber alter wein und junge weiber. This translates to: Old wine and young women are the best way to spend your time •King Werk, also known as Wuerfel & Mueller, is one of only a few remaining German stein companies that still produce 100% of their steins in Germany with 100% German materials and labor.
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